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Mallika Mondal was 11 when she presented with severe breathing difficulties at Haven's heart camp in 2009. Our team referred her for an urgent valve replacement surgery, and she is now a healthy 20-year old newly-wed, living pain free and receiving regular check-ups at our community centre. Without the surgery, Mallika would not have lived to see her 12th birthday.

Nearly a decade on, Haven is holding its second ever Heart Camp on November 24th this year. With the help of an exceptional paediatric cardiologist, at least 10 children will benefit from life changing surgeries. We're sending in the team, but need your help to #mendbrokenhearts.

Why now?

There is a high incidence of congenital heart disease in infants that we see, and this November’s multidisciplinary medical camp is lucky enough to have a renowned interventional paediatric cardiologist on board who can help diagnose and refer the children for life-saving surgical treatment.

What is the appeal for?

Each operation will cost approximately £1,500 and from our primary survey, we expect to have at least 10 children who will need surgery. We want to provide this treatment without any delays, as that could risk serious complications and worsening our patients' quality of life.

How can you help?

Donate online at our VirginMoney page and share the link with your friends and family. Haven is lucky enough to have a core group of supporters but we need your help to spread the word about this appeal, so please tweet and share this page with your network so that together we can #mendbrokenhearts.