ENT Camp December 2021

Specialist healthcare resumes at the Haven Centre

After two long years of Covid restrictions, our first medical camp of 2021 took place on Sunday 12th December. We were very fortunate to secure the services of Dr Arvind Gupta, ENT consultant and a senior medical officer with the Indian Armed Forces. Having achieved a Gold Medal in his M.S. qualification for ENT and Head and Neck Surgery from the Armed Forces Medical College in Pune, India, Dr Gupta proved a most able clinician.

The 53 patients on the day were very lucky to receive care of the highest order from such an esteemed physician. Adhering to strict Covid protocols, patient numbers had to be restricted and many other measures were taken by MBCF manager, Gopal Sarkar, and his team to minimise risk as much as was practically possible for all those attending.

Dr Gupta ran the ENT camp with great composure and showed excellent diagnostic skills when presented with a great variety of cases. Out of the 53 patients, 12 cases were put forward for referral. 6 of these patients have been given follow up appointments for hearing tests. There were some more serious cases too; four patients requiring either tympanoplasty and/or septoplasty surgeries, and two urgent cases requiring blood tests, a naso-endoscopy and biopsies. Haven will ensure the referral cases are dealt with immediately so as to ensure each patient's condition does not worsen.

The ENT camp proved to be a great success and many complimentary remarks were made about Dr Gupta's comforting manner which made all the patients feel at ease during their consultations. Haven would like to extend heartfelt thanks to Dr Gupta for his commitment and kindness to help the local villagers who have no other means of accessing such specialised and affordable healthcare within the neighbourhood.

Our final and biggest thanks to MBCF for their steadfast loyalty and support which allows Haven to continue its essential work on the ground in the depths of rural West Bengal, India.


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