Gastroenterology, Oncology, Opthalmology and Urology Camps October 2016

Multi-disciplinary camps offer a wider range of expertise to the local population.

On Thursday 27th October, 2016 four top consultants made their first visit to the Haven centre. In the space of just one day, the doctors managed to see just under 200 patients across their specialities, and referred 28 patients for further treatment.

Both Dr Debsasis Dutta and Dr Sandip Banerji came to us from Fortis Hospital in Kolkata and took on camps in Gastroenterology and Urology respectively. Due to a lack of clean water in the surrounding villages, these two camps were the most visited of the day. They served 70% of all the patients, and considering how long it had been since patients with these ailments had been catered for, Dr Dutta and Dr Banerji had their work cut out for them. They  provided a vital service and Haven would like to extend sincere thanks for their generosity, kindness and efficiency!

We were lucky enough that Dr Debashis Bhattacharya, the Founder of Disha - Eye Hospitals, located all across India, was able to come and run his own Opthalmology camp. The patients were lucky to have a specialist with such wide-ranging experience in his field. Haven thanks Dr Bhattacharya for making the journey and giving up his time to help.

None of these consultants would have even known about Haven, without the immense enthusiasm imbued across the Indian medical profession by Dr Prabir Chakraborti. Perhaps a slight exaggeration, however it's true to say that Dr Chakraborti has flown the flag for Haven, and is the one who brought this medical camp and these specialists together.

His field of Oncology has proved difficult in the past for Haven before, even Dr Chakraborti said, "I was not sure whether I would be able to contribute significantly wearing my oncology hat." However, in just one day, he found a patient with potentially curable cancer that was left untreated; and another, with a viral wart, that could have become cancerous. Haven is happy to report that both patients have now been referred for further treatment. As an unexpected treat, Dr Chakraborti told us, "I was able to reassure a young woman that she did not have cancer!" Haven is also very grateful for his tactful, but professional and comforting advice not to carry on with aggressive and expensive treatement for those with very advanced diseases.

Dr Chakraborti's final remark that, "The stoic fortitude of the patients in the face of many adversities, yet the ability to keep smiling with grace is truly humbling to watch and we will never forget," is one that touched our hearts.

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