Gynaecological Camp and Mother and Child Clinic October 2008

Dr Helen Roberts, a UK based GP with specialist training in both fields, carries out two of the most essentially required medical camps for women in the local area.

During the period 20-24th October 2008, over twenty Haven members and supporters travelled from the UK to the Centre in Atla Village. Dr Helen Roberts, a Haven supporter, very kindly volunteered her expertise to run a Gynaecological Camp and a Mother and Child Clinic.
Helen worked tirelessly for 12 hours a day and examined over 300 cases, prescribing treatment which gave a great deal of relief to all the patients. She was assisted by our interpreter, Arsha, and MBCF medical staff. Helen's gentleness, patience and unbelievable level of care will long be remembered by all. Haven is indebted to Helen for her kindness and generosity.

Seven cases were referred from the Gynae camp and all treatment will be sponsored by Haven. Three cases were referred from the Mother and Child Clinic who have had successful operations. They have made excellent recovery and are now back home. The MBCF staff, in particular the nurses and pharmacist, are to be highly commended for their dedication and cheerful help and enthusiasm.


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