Gynaecology, Orthopaedic, ENT and General Medicine Camps November 2015

The largest patient turn out at the Haven Centre: all expertly taken care of by a team of eminent consultants.

Our second multi-disciplinary medical camp of the year took place at the Haven centre over two days on the 17th and 18th of November. From the early hours of dawn, crowds of patients gathered outside the gates, a mixture of families and young people, all the way through to the elderly waited for the camps to begin. Due to the shocking lack of affordable healthcare throughout the region, the local villagers have come to depend on the Haven medical camps as a means to a healthier life. And because of this, the word has spread far and wide so that many of the patients, through personal hardship, travel from great distances in order to benefit from healthcare of the highest calibre. Thanks to the support of our loyal panel of top consultants based in the UK, Haven has been able to provide these regular medical camps annually.

Over the years the number of patients arriving at the camps has increased dramatically, and this multi-disciplinary medical camp proved to be the most challenging for MBCF staff in terms of logistics. Because of this, after a tricky first day volunteer numbers had to match the swelling demand for the second, so an overnight emergency recruitment of local volunteers took place to ensure smoother running for the next day. We woud like to thank the local young people who came forward, and so generously gave up there time at such short notice.

Despite logistical difficulties and huge patient numbers, the returning consultants continued to deliver the highest standards of patient care. All the specialists have remained loyal to Haven's mission, and thanks to this they were unflinching in the face of the enormity of the task within extreme time constraints. Their sensitivity and dedication were not compromised, and patients felt very much at ease as they were all fluent in Bengali, making explanations and diagnosis a much less traumatic experience. Moreover, this camp highlighted some of the most distressing conditions we have faced at the centre, including an advanced case of Spinal Tuberculosis, with severe muscle atrophy and massive disfiguration. The consultants were untiring in their work, refusing lunch and break, in order to serve all their patients.

Halfway through the day, Haven stepped in to provide much needed "consultant care". This took the form of a cultural programme arranged and choreographed by our two learning centre teachers, including their pupils and local children. The event seemed to lighten the mood of the day, and helped the consultants find a moment to relax. It was followed by lunch for over 1000 people, and Haven ensured all the consultants were catered for alongside their patients, before the long afternoon session began. The UK based specialists saw 400 patients and 50 were put forward for referral treatments and surgeries. Over 150 Gynaecology patients were expertly taken care of by Mrs Sheela Purakayastha, Consultant. The Orthopaedic Camp for 90 patients was conducted by Mr Sudipta Purakayastha, Consultant. Over 80 ENT patients were examined by Professor Chitta Chowdhury, Consultant. And, Dr Sunil Roy carried out the General Medicine Camp for 80 patients.

As always, our biggest thanks to the loyal staff and volunteers of MBCF. Their tireless support enables Haven to carry out its essential work to provide care for those who need it most.

More photos from the multiple medical camps November 2015


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