Haven's First UK Enterprise June 2014

In partnership with the ladies of Atla Village, West Bengal, beautifully hand crafted sarees go on sale for the first time in the UK.

Can you imagine running a household, feeding a family and keeping a roof over your head all on an earning of £1.50 a day? This is what the women in Atla Village have to struggle with on a daily basis. Their back breaking work as field labourers begins at dawn and ends at sunset, and for all their hours of toil and hardship they take home such a minimal pay packet. Since its beginning, Haven's aim has been to try and achieve some sort of self sufficiency for the local poverty stricken villagers, mostly through education and the teaching of valuable skills. One such example is the Sewing School which started in 2006; it takes place during the evenings at our community centre and is attended by many of the ladies of Atla Village. This small venture was specifically launched so that the women could have the chance of supplementing their meagre earnings.

Skills take time to learn and now, eight years on, the ladies of the sewing school have reached an enviable standard in their workmanship. So much so, that Haven decided it was time to put their expertly created products up for sale here in the UK. The very first Saree Sale took place on Sunday June 29th 2014 amidst a great deal of anticipation among the Haven supporters. The professional shopfront display of the ladies' creations did much for the exciting ambience and greatly helped an increase in sales.

As a result of the success of this new event, Haven hopes to host similar sales in the future. ALL the profits generated from this year's Saree Sale will go directly to the ladies of the sewing school as there are no other outlays. In true Haven style, all the essential backing costs: the yards of silk and cotton cloth, the numerous spools of coloured thread, the transportation of the finished articles from India to the UK, these have all been sponsored so that the entire amount of funds raised can go to those who need it most.

Haven would like to thank those of you who very kindly gave up their Sunday afternoon to attend the Grand Opening. Without your help, this new venture could not have succeeded. As a result of your generous support we were able to give the ladies of the Sewing School a very handsome pay packet for the month of June. Needless to say, they were delighted!

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