Heart, Gynae, and CP Camps October 2009

Multi disciplinary medical camps offer a wider range of expert care to larger numbers of needy villagers

A range of medical camps were held at the community centre from 23rd - 24th October 2009.

On 23rd October 2009, Orthopaedic Consultant, Dr Krishnendu Chakraborty from Kolkata volunteered his services for the Cerebral Palsy Camp. After close examination of CP children with walking difficulties, he recommended a course of treatment by injections, (which has only recently become available in India),  which would allow these children to overcome their mobility problems. Haven and MBCF will ensure these children receive this necessary treatment. The Cerebral Palsy camp catered for 11 children who were able to make the journey to the centre with their guardians. The guardians were each taught excercise regimes to help their child's mobility. The children were given gifts and they watched a special entertainment programme of song and dance. A big lunch for the children and their guardians rounded off a pretty wonderful day.

Gynaecologists, Drs Amit and Sarbani Basu and Dr Chandra Chowdhury kindly volunteered their expertise for the Gynae. Camp held on the 24th of October; they ensured the patients were offered the best levels of care. There were 71 gynae patients in total and seven of these have been referred for surgery. Wherever possible, medication was either given or prescribed; pateints were also advised how to improve their conditions through lifestyle management. During the Heart Camp, also held on the 24th of October, Cardiologist Dr Rajat Dutta kindly volunteered his services, and with the aid of his Doppler machine made sure patients' heart conditions were immediately identified. The little girl being scanned was diagnosed as having five chambers in her heart, a very rare condition requiring extensive surgery.  Dr Plabon Mukherjee, a Cardio-Thoracic Surgeon, and his assistant Dr Himadri Mandal both kindly volunteered their services. They worked closely with Dr Rajat Dutta to ensure all the referred cases could be treated in the near future in Kolkata. All referred cases from all of the camps will be sponsored by Haven so that no costs are borne by the patients. Haven and MBCF would like to thank the many young volunteers from Kolkata and the MBCF Youth Group who worked tirelessly in planning, organisation and continual translation of complicated medical terms to the patients through out the two days. In addition, the MBCF staff showed a great deal of commitment and dedication to the task in hand. The help and support offered by all of these people ensured the success of all three medical camps.


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