Helping Atla Village to Emerge New

The villagers benefit from newly constructed sanitation and washing facilities

Enough funds were left over from The Haven Heroes' presentation to enable us to provide individual homes in the village with sanitation and fresh water facilities, installation was completed in September 2006. Huts for each of the toilets have been constructed and the villagers are delighted, for the first time they have a private toilet for their own use.

We have also constructed a purpose built washing facilility. This provides 5000 litres of pumped water twice daily and houses separate shower cubicles for women and men,  paved areas for washing linen and crockery, and  a series of fresh drinking water taps. The villagers are simply overjoyed! They no longer have to bathe or wash their linen and crockery in their stagnant pond. This, in turn, has reduced the high occurrence of skin and gastro-intestinal ailments among the villagers and consequently lessened the patient load at the primary medical clinic in our community centre. These vital additions will go a long way to improving the quality of the villagers' daily lives.

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