Life at our Community Centre

Haven's work on the ground provides essential health care and education to local villagers on a daily basis.

The employed MBCF staff at the centre creating a much needed sense of community for the villagers. From left to right: housekeeper, two teachers, elderly day care attendant, two nurses, doctor, pharmacist, manager, physiotherapist, two caretakers.

The staff, with a fully equipped medical centre at their disposal, serve 150 patients every day, from over 100 surrounding villages within a radius of 30km. 
To date over 200,000 patients have been treated.

10 elderly patients are seen each day and are offered massages, physiotherapy and care.

Our qualified physiotherapist treats twenty patients a day, to date 30,000 patients have been helped

The clinical optometrist provides eye care on a weekly basis. To date 2000 patients have received essential care at the optometry clinic held at our community centre

Thirty children a day are taught basic literacy and numeracy in BOTH English and Bengali. Their progression has been excellent. Because of this education they have received, they have been accepted at schools for older children and reports have been sent to the centre from these schools stating how far ahead the children are compared to their peers. Much of the education in the learning centre is environmentally based.

In addition, all the children are served with a nutritous midday meal of rice, lentils and vegetables, this goes a long way to supplementing their poor daily diet.

Successful fundraising has allowed the creation of a Youth Group affiliated to MBCF and the Haven Community Centre. The funds have been used to provide the youths with a substantial reference library to aid their academic studies, to purchase equipment for a mini-gym and for indoor games, to improve the IT set up, and to set up many other activities. The MBCF affiliated Youth Group was successfully launched in February 2008.  Fifty registered members, aged between 12 and 21, have been provided with numerous opportunities to expand and develop academically by having access to various learning aids at the Centre daily from the hours of 3pm - 7pm. Several vocational courses, ranging from Yoga to First Aid will also be on offer. Future projects, like Outward Bound courses, are also being planned for their personal development.



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