Orthopaedic Camp June 2011

Torrential rain and severe flooding fail to stop Haven's work

Despite the extreme weather conditions, all the activities ran as planned thanks to the superb team work of the MBCF staff and the Youth Group. 
Dr Moitra, an eminent surgeon from Kolkata made the journey to run the orthopaedic camp. In total there were 45 patients and Dr Moitra managed to see them all with great care. Three patients were referred for further treatment. The majority of the patients were given medication and physiotherapy to aid their ailments. The referral patients will have to undergo further diagnostic tests to assess the level of their problems over the next few months.
In addition to the camp, all the children with disabilities, who are regular weekly visitors to our centre, were invited for a fun-filled day which included a grand midday meal. To their delight, all the children at our Learning Centre were also asked to come along and join in the festivities. Callum Todd, our newest volunteer visiting the centre for three weeks seemed to immediately hit it off with all the children. Callum's main jobs included completeing all patient profiles before the start of the camp and progressing the Spoken English course with the MBCF Youth Group. The course took on a completely different stance as he was able to introduce different teaching techniques such as role play, which the Youth Group enjoyed a great deal. Callum, now in his second year at Edinburgh Medical College, also helped out in the Primary Medical Clinic to gain as much clinical experience as he could. 
A memorial service was held for Lt Sri Kalayan Baba, MBCF Founder, on the first anniversary of his death.   Lunch was served to 500 local people and the Youth Group members did a grand job of helping out.
The MBCF team at the Centre were outstanding in their efforts to make the most of the day despite the severe weather conditions.

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