Paediatric Camp August 2015

A remarkable paediatrician guides Haven to introduce new programmes of essential care for children with disabilities.

A second Paediatric Camp took place on the 16th of August in which Dr Atanu Dutta provided specialist care to over 100 patients, including 20 children with severe Cerebral Palsy. With Dr Dutta’s expert guidance, this camp generated new programmes that have greatly improved the quality of life for the children with disabilities: easy chairs, wheelchairs, indoor toilets for ease of access, walkers, specialised boots, and splints have all been provided and fully installed. In addition, our community nurse, Rita, has been provided with a scooter allowing her to make visits on a more regular basis. To further enhance the medical and pastoral care Rita is providing, she is currently undergoing specialist training at the Indian Institute for Cerebral Palsy in Kolktata. Sensitively and with careful vigilance, Dr Dutta examined over 100 patients during this second Paediatric Camp and put forward 7 referrals which included 3 cardiac cases. Haven ensured all the referrals were treated with success by the end of September, within one month of the camp having taken place. 

Dr Dutta's judgement and skilled powers of observation have allowed Haven's programmes of care for the local communities to reach even further and provide help directly to those who are at their most vulnerable. The introduction of new programmes to Haven's portfolio is extremely exciting for us because it means we can build on our platform of charity to help a greater number of people with acute needs living in the most dire conditions. All of us at Haven would like to extend our sincere thanks to Dr Dutta for his time and his valuable guidance, it has been a privilege to witness such caring support for the charity.   

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