Paediatric, Gynaecology, Obstetrics, ENT and General Medicine Camps February 2015

Haven's Finest: The full collection of medical experts assembles to provide record breaking levels of essential care.

The 2nd of February and the 5th of February 2015 are two dates which will long be remembered amongst all of us at Haven. They saw the establishment of new dizzying heights of patient consultations and care thanks to the dedication and skill of our team of UK based specialists. Led by Professor Bimal Bhadhuri, consultant paediatrician, the camps were hugely successful in helping the largest numbers of patients ever. In total, over the two days, 439 men, women and children, with no other access to affordable healthcare available in the local area, were given the help they so desperately needed. Another record was also set in entering all these patient records into our database!

Professor Chitta Chowdhury ran the ENT camp on the 2nd of February single handed at the Haven Community Centre. With his excellent diagnostic skills, the camp was conducted most efficiently and Professor Chowdhury was able to help 81 patients and advised 14 patients for further referral. In addition, being fluent in Bengali proved to be instrumental in aiding the comfort of many during their consultations. His considerate and caring manner allowed all the patients to feel completely at ease at all times. Superb organisation by our manager and pharmacist Gopal ensured the smooth running of a very packed day when so much had to get done in so short a time.

Perhaps, due to increasing public awareness of Haven's work in the local area and the now established excellent reputation of MBCF and its staff, we received for the first time a voluntary approach from Dr N C Dutta Memorial Hospital in Rampurhat. This gesture was warmly embraced by all since it provided us with continuous laboratory facilities for pathology tests during all the camps, along with possible treatments afterwards. Our thanks go to the local hospital and its staff for this vital back up which helped the consultants with much faster diagnostics for all their cases.

This special team of medical experts were so keen to get started that they insisted the camps began as soon as they arrived at the Haven Centre, at 7.30pm on the 4th of February. Amazing work followed thereafter! A total of 124 patients were seen by Drs Mita and Ashis Sau in the Gynaecology and Obstretics camps and 4 cases were put forward for referral. In all, 122 children were seen by Professor Bhaduri in the Paediatrics camp with 9 referrals. Dr Sunil Roy led the General Medicine camp and was able to help 112 patients with sensitivity and care. Each consultant made themselves fully approachable to all of the villagers; in their gentle manner they were able to explain each part of the proceedings and future plans, to make sure that every single patient was aware of exactly what their condition was and how it would be tackled.

A welcome midday break arrived in the form of song and dance from the children of a local dance school along with the children at our Learning Centre. A fabulous rooftop feast was laid on for all of the patients and their families who had travelled from long distances, some overnight, in order to receive expert care from renowned consultants. This wholesome lunch was generously sponsored by The Ipshita Memorial Trust, founded by Dr Sunil Roy and Mrs Shipra Roy in fond memory of their youngest daughter. Haven would like to extend sincere thanks to them both for their kindness and support. Everyone took time out to enjoy the show, including this energetic team of specialists who had not stopped to draw breath since the camps began at dawn! Their dedication to their cause was apparent to all who were privileged to watch them in action. Highly professional at all times, they offered advise and care of the highest calibre with sensitivity and ease. Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of the doctors for giving their time so generously. You have given much needed hope to hundreds of people who have very little to look forward to in life.

One of the hardest things to do at the end of any camp is to leave the Haven Centre. And that's because of the MBCF staff who provide everyone with the warmest welcome to be found anywhere. The solicitious care is difficult to forget! Nothing is ever too much trouble and, throughout the day, continuous refreshments are on hand ALWAYS with a smile. Now, how can you leave all this behind? Our biggest thanks must, and always, go to our loyal partners on the ground, MBCF. Their continued dedication and support allow Haven to go on with essential work in the depths of rural Bengal and, coupled with their warmth and eagerness, the entire infrastructure in Atla has become a family home we all love returning to time and time again.

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