Paedriatic Camp November 2016

Smiles all around as three superb doctors provide first-rate care to the most vulnerable in the community.

On Thursday 17th November 2016, paediatric consultant Dr Atanu Dutta returned to the Haven centre, this time with his newly qualified daughter, Dr Megha Dutta. Accompanying them was consultant Dr Santanu Bag, a paediatric neurologist, who came to focus his care on children afflicted with cerebral palsy - a first for Haven.

The medical team attended to 70 children with poor health over the course of the camp, and 19 referrals were made for further treatment.

Dr Bag in particular attended to 17 children during the camp, of which 12 referrals were made, and was able to provide them with incredible comfort throughout the consultations, which is rare for children afflicted with cerebral palsy. In addition, several of the methods that he has recommended for referral will bring life-changing home environments for these children, often left alone for long periods of the day. Furthermore, his straightforward suggestions for ongoing care with the resident physiotherapist, Tarok, have been a real eye-opener for Haven, providing a long-term solution for their regular treatment. The families of the children were very much relieved that such simple solutions could provide so much comfort.

Dr Atanu Dutta's continued support for Haven brought him back to our centre for the third time, and for him it was a truly happy occasion to have his daughter accompany him. Over the single day, the father-daughter team attended to an incredible 53 patients and referred 7 for further treatment and surgeries. His gentle manner during consultations put all the children at ease, and the patients left with smiles.

Dr Megha Dutta was quite taken aback on her first visit to the centre, and was impressed by the infrastructure that Haven has firmly established in Atla. She was excited that so much was happening for the local communities in rural West Bengal.

Haven would like to thank all three doctors for their kindness and generosity in giving up their time to help so many desperately ill children who do not have access to any affordable healthcare throughout the region. Megha's comment on her Facebook page seems an appropriate end to this report:

"People often ask me 'Why did you want to be a doctor?' My response usually entails the standard spiel that is expected but finally - I feel I have an actual answer in the smiles in this photo. Thank you, Haven, for the opportunity and experience to help those who need it the most. Your work is truly inspiring and I cannot wait to visit again." - Dr Megha Dutta.


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