Spoken English Lessons via Skype

Youth Group benefit from weekly English conversation classes conducted from 5000 miles away

Since October 2009, Haven member Heather Morgan has been providing essential spoken English lessons to the members of the MBCF Youth Group. The lessons are on a weekly basis and take place by Skype. This was a project desperately required by the young people in Atla who require this skill in order to enter higher education and then hopefully go on to gain employment.

Heather dilligently sets aside the time each week to ensure the lessons take place. A topic of conversation is chosen by the youth group a week earlier, this gives them the time to do the research before the lesson on the chosen topic takes place the following week. The progress has been simply amazing! Basic subjects like family and home have now progressed to complicated conversations about climate control and advances in science and technology.

Haven and the MBCF Youth Group are indebted to Heather and would like to thank her for her generosity and enthusiastic commitment.

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