The 2014 Haven Sponsored Walk

An impressive cast gathers to present a powerful performance of Haven's annual three act challenge on Sunday, June 29th.

ACT ONE: The Start

[Enter Stage Left]

Amidst a great deal of cheer, the walkers set off. The meandering trail, shaded from the glare of the blistering sun, gently slopes downhill. The path is easy to navigate and, expertly portrayed by the performers, a mood of confidence fills the stage. The backdrop of breathtaking scenery sets the scene and the cast wear their best smiles for all to see.

[Exit Stage Right]


ACT TWO: The Long Haul

[Enter Stage Right]

The younger members of the cast rush forward in their excitement, while the more experienced proceed with caution, in readiness of the steep onslaught that is to come. The two dogs shepherd the pack who must navigate through a series of styles and gates. As they emerge from the leafy glades the walkers are greeted by the picturesque scene of the duck pond in Shere Village.

[Exit Stage Left, pursued by ducks]




[Enter Stage Right]

Refreshed after a welcome coffee break, the walkers begin the ascent. Now requiring supervision, the youngest are brought up the harsh incline in a hurry, while the others, with much encouragement face the task ahead. Out of breath and red in the face, walking sticks are fashioned from the surrounding greenery. With smug expressions, they pass a troupe of wilting teenagers on their Duke of Edinburgh expedition. Arms held aloft and with much jubilation, the walkers finally reach the top of their arduous climb.


Haven would like to sincerely thank this wonderful cast for putting on such an amazing production. With your kind support, the event turned out to be one of the most successful sponsored walks to date. A special thanks to the team from Transputec Ltd who travelled great distances to join in. Transputec Ltd is now Haven's main sponsor for the project of reviving the IT facilities in our community centre located in Atla, West Bengal. This is a crucial part of our infrastructure as it provides the youths from the local areas with essential computer training and education, so needed to get ahead in today's world. They have very kindly added an account of the walk on their company's blog.

Haven looks forward to welcoming you all back for our 2015 sponsored walk. One point to note, from feedback provided by the audience who were privileged to watch the performance on the day, is that some of you may wish to get into training from now in readiness for next year!






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