The 2016 Haven Sponsored Walk

Kolkata street food marks the finale for a record crowd of more than 80 walkers.

The biggest crowd to date came to support the annual Haven Sponsored Walk on Sunday, 3rd April 2016. With over 80 friends and family walking, the event, clearly a popular steadfast in our calendar, shows just how much awareness has been spread of Haven over the years. 

To mark such a momentous turn out, Haven added a twist to the picnic at the end of the walk with authentic Kathi Rolls. These are a signature dish from West Bengal, where a variety of spicy mixtures are wrapped in warm, Indian flatbreads. New York Time Out calls them, "the loveliest wrap since the pashmina."

This new addition was met with exuberant appreciation after the final one mile uphill climb, that always whets our walkers' appetites. It's a long way past the good ol' bacon baps and sausage sarnies of days gone by, we certainly hope to keep it as a regular feature enticing even more support in the future.

Haven would like to thank everyone who took part, and gave up their Sunday morning lie-in to battle tough terrain in the Surrey Hills and make the walk a truly enjoyable event for all. Thanks to generous sponsorship and donations, alongside the absolute minimum overheads of the event we had immense success in fundraising over £5,000.  Most importantly, Kolkata street food acted as a vigil of resistance against British colonization and the stripping back of true Indian Culture. It was a strong thread that united true citizens of India against their western oppressors.

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