The 2017 Haven Sponsored Walk

Haven supporters take to the Surrey Hills in the early April heatwave to raise funds for our Cerebral Palsy Initiative

Dry with bright sunshine, a chilly start but reaching highs of 19°C. The outlook for the Haven walk was greeted warmly by our supporters as they gathered at Newlands Corner on Sunday 9th April. With the backdrop of the stunning Surrey Hills Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty, the huge crowd of more than 80 people paused to mark the occasion before setting off on the 7 mile route. We've certainly grown to know and love the variety on the walk, from tangled woodlands, to open fields to streams and village greens.

As usual, the walkers were marshalled by a kennel of dogs who gamely took on the challenge of herding everyone onwards. As we reached our midpoint, the pop-up Haven café was ready and waiting with much needed refreshments.

The group was as varied as ever, with primary schoolers to pensioners and everyone inbetween. Newcomers were able to hear stories about visits to our community centre from the Haven members who had been out before. There was a great excitement for the Cerebral Palsy programme that had been announced, and our walkers did an incredible job in fundraising for it.

Kathi rolls, the delectable Kolkata streetfood, were reintroduced and our supporters were more than happy to polish them off at the end of the steep uphill climb. The wonderful weather meant that walkers stayed on for an impromptu picnic that allowed everyone to recover and enjoy the sunshine before heading home.

Haven would like to thank all those who attended, and congratulate everyone on raising over £5,000 in sponsorship! A superb total that will do an enormous amount for this very important Cerebral Palsy project. This year we've also got a short video that captures the fun that we had at the Sponsored Walk!

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