The 2021 Haven Sponsored Walk

Transputec's "high speed" contribution puts Haven over the finish line, even before the walkers warm up!

On Sunday 7th November, a bright chilly morning greeted our 40 strong team of walkers as they paused to take in the much loved, recognisable views of the Surrey Hills Area of Oustanding Natural Beauty. Meeting at Newland's Corner after almost a two year absence was indeed a special moment. Due to Covid, Haven had had to cancel last year's 2020 sponsored walk so we all felt an extra sense of joy at seeing one another again.

As we all gathered above the awe inspiring view of the North Downs, another wonderous spectacle materialised before us: a huge cheque, literally, was brought out and held aloft by the team from Transputec! Made out to Haven, for the sum of £10,000, this enormous donation roused great big cheers and much clapping from all of us. Long time supporter and Haven's patron, Rickie Seghal, Transputec's CEO, was again championing his steadfast support for Haven's cause.

Industry award winners, Transputec has an enviable record of excellence which is to be admired. Their most recent accolade clearly demonstrates the passion and sincerity in all they do. The articles that the links will guide you to are only two among many other noteworthy achievements which can all be found on their site,

Their record of excellence has not been solely reserved for the industry; it has been continuously developed within Haven's infrastructure. Starting from their first donation of a few computers, Transputec have built an entire IT suite at the Haven Centre in rural West Bengal, serving over 80 youths from the local area each year since it began in 2016. The IT suite, known as the Haven Academy, houses state of the art computers all installed by Transputec. In addition, they have furnished all the required facilities to provide excellent broadband internet, Skype and high quality Wi-Fi throughout the whole building. On top of this, Transputec have also provided access to their data library allowing the students to make use of valuable learning tools. This has been a life changing venture for hundreds of young people as they have been able to progress with their vital educational needs in a subject area which had never previously been available.

The huge cheque at the start of the walk did much to energise the walkers and they made light work of the first half before reaching the picturesque scene at the banks of the Tilling Bourne in Shere Village. The welcoming refresh of coffee and muffins has always been a real highlight and this year was no exception. It's the perfect opportunity for everyone to gather and share stories about Haven's work, promoting awareness amongst the newcomers. For the four dogs taking part this year, the ducks provided the usual, and very tempting, distraction!

With it's annoying twists and turns and, of course, the ridiculously steep incline, the last one mile of the walk was as achingly familiar as always. However, it provided the walkers with a great sense of satisfaction that they were able to complete the final challenge and feel even more jubilant on reaching the top. Everyone's spirits were lifted by the glorious vista of the valley below: the perfect backdrop to the finale picnic of Kolkata street food, the famed Kathi Rolls.

Haven would like to extend heartfelt thanks to all those who took part and to everyone who donated. A special thanks to the team from Transputec for making the long journey to Newland's Corner and for their very generous contribution.

Because of the amazing support from our loyal friends and supporters, the fundraising target was surpassed and we reached a Grand Total of £20,000. Our grateful thanks to everyone for their generosity and kindness. Haven can only continue its work on the ground in rural West Bengal because of your unwavering support.

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