The Haven Charity Gig

Hundreds of supporters enjoy Haven's hospitality and help to raise substantial funds to support the charity

Haven's annual fundraising BBQ in September 2008 took on a completely new format. The Haven Heroes, who usually run stalls of wacky games, came up with their new contribution - a Charity Gig!

Very appropriately, the opening act was comprised of original Haven Heroes who first performed together in a Talent Show held in 2004.There was a great range of variety and style amongst the bands and all performers were popular with the audience

To cope with amplifiers, electric guitars and lots of other electrical equipment, heavy duty wiring and large capacity fuses were installed; all of this was donated and installed by Nathan Lucas of NPL Electrics, a company based in Guildford. All staging was kindly donated by Guidford High School.

This time members of the adult committee ran the stalls, which ranged from exotic snacks to bric and brac. As there were many supporters and friends attending, the stall holders were kept very busy and takings were high at all stalls, especially at the Pimms bar! The Heroes were able to man the main desk and still enjoy the bouncy castle throughout the day.

There was also a Haven Information Site, which was looked after by Haven members and offered lots of details and photographs of all our work in rural India. There was a real "festival" feel to the day as each gig provided the background music to the laughter and noise. A young magician at the event made sure everyone was kept enthralled at his amazing tricks. It was a time for GREAT food, all created by our chef, Sunny, in an authentic clay tandoor oven. This huge oven proved to be a spectacle in its own right, with crowds gathering around as the chef pulled out hot naan bread and skewers laden with spicy tandoori chicken. The whole day proved to be a lot of fun for all ages with so many things to do and so many old friends to catch up with.The raffle signals the official end of the event, and all Haven members and past Heroes breathe a sigh of relief. The event was a great success but the day had been a long one!

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