Transputec puts Education to the Top of the Page in 2016

The Haven Academy becomes an established feature in the wide range of programmes offered at the centre

Rickie Seghal's long standing relationship with Haven has culminated in the opening of the exciting new programme, The Haven Academy. Here the students can use the generous facilities provided, including a fully functioning IT suite, network support and a course coordinator, to further their education in an area that was never available to them before.

"I like how much I can do now the course has started, and that I can practise whenever I want to," said one of the students. "It feels like a whole new world has opened up for me." The courses include exploring the internet, and getting new perspectives from a world of information, like that of Google Earth.

For more information on how The Haven Academy was set up, and what it includes, please visit this page.

Following the United Nations Girls' Education Initiative and the huge number of studies that reveal one of the keys to fighting against poverty is female empowerment, Haven has committed 60% of the places in The Academy to girls from local villages. This has proved successful in balancing previous experiences with open applications, where boys would outnumber girls.

The potential of The Haven Academy is as yet unexplored. As it continues to grow, we hope to see life-changing career opportunities in the futures of all of its students. All this would have been impossible without Rickie Seghal's exceptional benefaction, and all the hard work from his team at Transputec.

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