Valuable lessons learned

Expert HR guidance, fun-based teaching methods, eye catching displays of childrens' artwork - all essential ingredients for creating an even more welcoming community centre

It was a very busy time for Haven members who had travelled to our community centre in India and a lot of tasks were completed during the period 20th-24th October 2008. Heather Morgan, HR consultant, worked with the manager, Ashis Dutt, to set up a more efficient HR potfolio for the community centre office.

Heather, along with her son Callum, a past member of the Haven Heroes, were also involved in starting up the project of spoken English classes with members of the MBCF Youth Group.


Several of the members, being qualified teachers, spent time with the two teachers of the Learning Centre to pass on different "fun-based" teaching techniques which brought a lot of smiles! They also demonstrated highly effective methods for displaying childrens' work.

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