About us

The Haven Academy

On Monday 25th January 2016, The Haven Academy was inaugurated. Thanks to Rickie Seghal’s amazing generosity and his hard working team at Transputec, the Haven centre now has a fully functioning IT suite comprehensively equipped with new, top of the range computers. In addition, Transputec has installed all the required infrastructure so that there is excellent broadband internet, Skype and high quality Wi-Fi throughout the entire building. A team has been put in place to oversee The Academy, which will include technical hardware and network support, IT training at the centre, a Haven Academy course coordinator, and a Transputec course coordinator. Course coordinators are, at present, in discussion regarding course structure, content and specific learning packages to best serve our Youth Group and others.

80 students have enrolled into The Haven Academy and they have all been advised that, before the start date of 11th February, course content and timetables will be finalised and then issued. The students have also been informed that the Academy will be run in an orderly manner by an Administrator. Each student will be required to sign a register upon attending, use a dedicated learning portal, and carry their photo ID at all times. In addition, to monitor their progress, the students have been advised that regular testing will take place. All those who have enrolled are excited and extremely happy with all of the arrangements. The students’ feedback has clearly shown Haven just how much they welcome this chance to further their education in an area which was never available to them before. They are well aware of how vital IT skills are to them, to move forward in the outside world beyond their rural surroundings.