A wonderful moment in Haven’s Calender

Haven Heroes presentation raises $25,000 and enables Haven to fully equip the medical centre.

The following e-mail sent to all Haven friends and supporters aptly describes this very special moment

Subject: An Incredible Afternoon in Haven’s Calendar
Date: Tue, 28 Jun 2005 16:20:56 -0400

Dear All

Just wanted to let you know that at 3pm today, smartly dressed members of The Haven Heroes entered the very grand offices of a corporate giant based in Central London (who wish to remain anonymous so no names here!)

The four Haven Heroes were ushered into a huge conference room with a 30 foot long table surrounded by 50 chairs! State of the art IT was available for their sole use!!!! All this I’m happy to say did not faze the four children at all. In fact the setting seemed to charge them up even more.

They took it in turns and gave a highly polished yet heartfelt verbal presentation on Haven and The Haven Heroes which lasted for approximately 20 minutes. Their words were backed up with a superb slide show which they had created themselves. Their aim for the afternoon was to gain funds to help buy vital equipment for the Medical Centre, something we at Haven have been long trying to accomplish. Certain key personnel from the company listened very carefully to what the children had to say and then they were asked a lot of questions which they had to answer fairly accurately. This “grilling discussion” lasted for another 20 minutes!

At the end of this time, the four members of The Haven Heroes had achieved their objective. In just under 40 minutes flat, they were promised a cool $25,000.00 !!!!!!!!!!!!!

This is an enormous achievement and will go a long way towards purchasing the necessary diagnostic equipment that the doctor so desperately needs to help all the villagers.

We are very, very, very proud of you ALL!

Thought you would all like to know! Certainly has been quite an afternoon!!!

Best wishes
Shumi Ghosh